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2014 South Pacific Laser Masters Entry List

                      #Full NameCountryFull Name of Yacht ClubSail NumberClassApprentice MasterGrand MasterGreat Grand MasterWomen
                      1. Scott LeithNew ZealandMurrays Bay Sailing Club & Pupuke Boating Club202850RadialChecked
                      2. Brian WrightAustraliaCLARENCE RIVER SAILING CLUB203226Standard Checked
                      3. Michael MillsAustraliaPt. Stephens Sailing & Aquatic Club203211Standard Checked
                      4. George MeikleAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron1711154.7 Checked
                      5. Nick PageNew ZealandPupuke Boating Club198107Standard Checked
                      6. John RyanAustraliaCanberra Yacht Club206004Radial Checked
                      7. Peter FellAustraliaBrisbane Sailing Squadron202769Standard Checked
                      8. Murray BainAustraliaOwaka Yacht Club172012Radial Checked
                      9. James Francis MitchellAustraliaSandringham Yacht Club177792Radial Checked
                      10. Robert SykesAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron197550Standard Checked
                      11. Lyndall PattersonAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron202947Radial Checked Checked
                      12. Christine BridgeAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron191649Radial Checked Checked
                      13. Robert Colin BlakeyNew ZealandTamaki Yacht Club196411Standard Checked
                      14. Michael KnowsleyNew ZealandTamaki Yacht CLub187893Radial Checked
                      15. Dave KershawAustraliaIndented Head YC196907Radial Checked
                      16. Kerry Ross WarakerAustraliaRQYS202701Radial Checked
                      17. Paul HansenAustraliaSouthport Yacht Club187896Radial Checked
                      18. Matt BlakeyAustraliaTamaki yacht club197259StandardChecked
                      19. Jim SloanAustraliaBrisbane Sailing Squadron170515Radial Checked
                      20. Martin LinsleyAustraliaCanberra Yacht Club & Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association203797Radial Checked
                      21. Mark KennedyAustraliaMaroochy Sailing Club164180Radial Checked
                      22. Michael John WilsonAustraliaBrisbane Sailing Squadron185821Standard Checked
                      23. maurice michael meyerAustraliavickie 2193408Radial Checked
                      24. Richard Dreverman New ZealandWorser Bay Boating Club1946958Radial Checked
                      25. Lew VerdonAustraliaMiddle Harbour Amateur Sailing Club191608Radial Checked
                      26. michael o'brienAustraliavaucluse yacht club202966Standard Checked
                      27. Ken HurlingAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht SquadronTBARadial Checked
                      28. Michelle GrovesAustraliaParadise point sailing clubIOW 1RadialChecked Checked
                      29. Michael OsborneAustraliaDouble Bay Sailing Club205989Standard Checked
                      30. ChrisAustraliaRPAYC203764Standard Checked
                      31. Laurence John MayerAustraliaMackay Yacht Club204579Standard Checked
                      32. Mark JohnAustraliaBrisbane Sailing Squadron202733StandardChecked
                      33. Peter CraigAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron197545Radial Checked
                      34. Richard HydeAustraliaRQ192710Radial Checked
                      35. Philip DanksAustralia Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron242740Standard Checked
                      36. Robert LowndesAustraliaMiddle Harbour Amateur Sailing Club197530Radial Checked
                      37. David WhaitAustraliaSouth of Perth Yacht Club192609StandardChecked
                      38. Malcolm ParsonsAustraliaMordialloc Sailing Club194952Radial Checked
                      39. John CampbellAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron180186Radial Checked
                      40. Tim BarkerAustraliaBrisbane Sailing Squadron167117Standard Checked
                      41. Greg WilshireNew ZealandMaraetai / Tamaki174323Standard Checked
                      42. Michael PittAustraliaRQYS202922Radial Checked
                      43. Gary McCrohonAustraliaSiesta199050Radial Checked
                      44. James HarmanAustraliaClarence River Sailing Club203734Standard Checked
                      45. Susan HextellAustraliaGosford Sailing Club201521Radial Checked Checked
                      46. Andrew BrownAustraliaBrisbane Sailing Squadron145522Radial Checked
                      47. Steve RussellAustraliaClarence River Sailing Club184709Standard Checked
                      48. Frank WalshAustraliaMiddle Harbour Amateur Sailing Club181906Radial Checked
                      49. John d'HelinAustraliaMcCrae YC190349Radial Checked
                      50. Peter WallaceAustraliaMHASC / DBSC202558Standard Checked
                      51. Kath HerrmannAustraliaMHASC204999Radial Checked Checked
                      52. mark hipgraveAustraliarqys199105Standard Checked
                      53. Chris ConnellAustraliaCleveland Yacht Club202668Standard Checked
                      54. John PringAustraliaParadise Point Sailing Club197546Radial Checked
                      55. Andrew RingwoodAustraliaroyal queensland yacht squadron194923Standard Checked
                      56. Brad TaylorAustraliaRoyal QueenslandYacht Squadron192601Standard Checked
                      57. Gilbert c fordAustraliaRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron176915Standard Checked
                      58. clive humphrisAustraliaRoyal Geelong Yacht Club197281Radial Checked
                      59. Lindsay WhittonAustraliaRoyal Prince Alfred Yacht Club202911Radial Checked
                      60. Rick LongbottomAustraliaRANSA/CYC202799Radial Checked
                      61. Paul BeathAustraliaNewcastle Cruising Yacht Club185401Standard Checked
                      62. Peter StephinsonAustraliaMiddle Harbour Amateur Sailing Club170544Standard Checked
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